Major John MacBride (8 May 1868 – 5 May 1916) Irish Republican executed for his participation in the 1916 Easter Rising.

In 2013, Mayo County Council established a Mayo Commemoration Strategy Committee. The aim of the committee was to consider the most appropriate manner to mark the centenaries of the major historical events which occurred from 1913-1923, and to devise a series of cultural, historical and educational events accordingly.

 A Mayo Commemoration Strategy was prepared by the Mayo County Council Library and Heritage Office. Public consultation was undertaken to inform the preparation of the strategy. The Strategy was adopted by Mayo County Council in July 2013. The Mayo Commemoration Strategy 2013–2023 sets out a list of actions that will be undertaken over the 10 year period to commemorate the events of the decade 1913–1923.

 The emphasis of the Mayo Commemoration Strategy is on the role of Mayo and Mayo people in these momentous events and to reflect on what was happening in the county at the time.

 Over the coming decade, Mayo people at home and abroad will remember our shared history. We will look back at the events that shaped us, form the 1913 Lockout to the First World War, and to the 1916 Rising and beyond. There are many more stories of the period that reflect the intertwining of our history and our lives, which hopefully will be uncovered during the commemorative period. We look forward to marking the milestones in the country’s and the county’s history with a series of events over the coming years. We will remember those times not just in exhibitions, books/publications and lectures but also through art, music, drama and storytelling. Mutual respect will be central to all commemorative events and historical accuracy should be paramount. We aim is to secure the participation of local communities and people of all ages in the commemorations.

 Through this commemoration, it is hoped that Mayo people at home and abroad, come together to commemorate our past and cherish our present in a way that enables us to share and create hope and expectation for the future.

 The development of the Centenary Mayo website is an action of the Mayo Commemoration Strategy 2013-2023. It was undertaken as a collaborative project between the College of Business, Public Policy & Law, National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG) and Mayo County Library and Heritage Office. Mayo County Council would like to acknowledge the work of Leo Mitchell, Martin Kelly, Brian Armstrong and Kieran McCann, who carried out this project as part of their M.Sc. Information System Management course in 2013/2014 under the guidance of their lecturer, Dr Michael Lang and project supervisor, Dr  Anatoli Nachev.


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