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Blink and you might miss them! Monuments and plaques all over Mayo commemorate the troubled history of the county. These are a useful historical source and an important part of our heritage. This map shows the location of roadside monuments relating to the events of the War of Independence and the Civil War in Mayo, along with locations of other sites of interest relating to the 1913–1923 period. The accompanying database provides information on these memorials and sites.

Memorials contain important details such as dates and names of people involved in historical events. Visiting an ambush site or town or village where certain events occurred is an important part of building up a picture of historical actions. For some, visiting such memorials is part of paying our respects to those who lost their lives. Lastly, a word of caution, many of the War of Independence memorials in County Mayo are situated on busy main roads. Extreme caution is advised when visiting such sites to ensure the safety of all concerned.


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