Major John MacBride


Major John MacBride (8 May 1868 – 5 May 1916) was an Irish Republican executed for his participation in the 1916 Easter Rising.

After returning permanently from Paris to Dublin in 1905 MacBride played an important part with other Irish nationalists in preparing for an Insurrection. Because he was so well known to the British the conspirators thought it wise to keep him outside their secret military group planning a Rising. As a result he happened to find himself in the midst of the Rising without notice. He was in Dublin early on Easter Monday morning to meet his brother Dr. Anthony MacBride who was arriving from Westport to be married on the Wednesday. The Major walked up Grafton St and saw Thomas MacDonagh in full uniform. He offered his services to Thomas McDonagh and was appointed second-in-command at the Jacob’s factory. MacBride, after a court martial under the Defence of the Realm Act, was shot by British Troops in Kilmainham Gaol, Dublin.
Ernie O’Malley


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